My First Impression of Bob Levy
I felt a bit intimidated but got up the courage to introduce myself to Bob Levy. I said I was a new employee and we chatted for a few minutes. Over the years I got to see the side of him that was warm and witty.
This Tale Could Have Had a Very Different Ending
Here's to Good Samaritans. To people who do the right thing. To people who go out of their way to help. I'm truly grateful that the person who found my credit card didn't go on a shopping spree!
Has there been a time when someone returned your credit card or wallet, with everything…
Would You Clone Your Pet Like Streisand Did?
Assuming Barbra Streisand's decision to clone her beloved dog came from that deep love that we all have for our pets, I can sort of understand her motivation. But if I had to chose one side or the other, I'd rather adopt a dog rather than clone. What are your reasons for and against clon…

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