Hometown View

The Curse of the Mets?
If Jacob deGrom, who suffered a hyperextended right elbow while batting on Wednesday night, is out for an extended period you can put a fork in the Mets season.
Making The Case to Let Kids Be Kids
Adults have not only allowed but often encouraged our children to focus on the sport we believe they are best in or, as some feel, the one that gives them the best chance to earn a college scholarship.
Insults, Drafts and Chicken
Thoughts about comedian Michelle Wolf's monologue at the White House Correspondents Dinner, Shore Conference football players in the NFL Draft and a major league star serving up chicken in Brick.
No More Shock at Tragedy
Unfortunately there is not much that shocks and surprises us any longer as we have become conditioned to expect tragedy and the senseless loss of lives.
Love Billy Joel? Pay Attention!
Nationally acclaimed vocalist Chris Pinnella along with his 8-piece band will perform the Billy Joel Songbook featuring many of the Piano Man’s biggest hits to benefit the HOPE Center.

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