Hometown View

Football, TV and movies to start the week
Once again Sunday the spotlight was on NFL teams and players during the playing of the national anthem and they responded in a variety of ways from players kneeling to teams standing and locking arms while the song was being played.
Our Office Glue Retires
Joyce Howells is the first line of defense, the person who answers, screens and directs phone calls, makes sure we have everything from copy paper to toilet paper and most importantly the glue who often holds things together.
A Black Eye for College Basketball
You know I am pretty much sick and tired of this story involving NFL Players, the national anthem and Donald Trump so let's celebrate the innocence and purity of college athletics...not.
Taking a Knee to Take a Stand
The entire issue of national anthem players was elevated to another level by a president who refuses to understand that the impact of his words in his current job has much more meaning then when he was a reality TV star.
Summer’s Official End and the Return of Shoes & Socks
The light and airy feeling of summer clothing will soon be replaced by the bulky and heavy feeling of long pants, sweaters and even worse, shoes that require socks. This transition is one I dread and will avoid as long as the summer winds keeps blowing in from across the sea.

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