Hometown View

Sunday With my Favorite Girls
I began my Sunday by taking a spinning class with my daughter at Toms River Fitness which allowed me to feel less guilty later when Jane, Alex and I took a ride to Asbury Park and stopped at the Biergarten for a couple of cold ones on the rooftop patio before enjoying pizza while sitting outside at …
Enjoying a Tale As Old As Time
I saw the new version of "Beauty and the Beast" yesterday with my wife. I know you’re thinking: why would a 61-year old man without any grandchildren see this movie?
Digital Knowledge After a Late Night
Don’t expect too much here because I’m working on no sleep as I forced myself to stay up and watch North Carolina beat Gonzaga in the NCAA Championship game and then could not fall asleep afterwards.
Learning The Lesson of Being an Overbearing Parent
If you’ve followed me for any length of time you likely know that one of my favorite (or least favorite) subject deals with overbearing parents and youth and high school sports. It’s not quite an epidemic but a problem that shows no signs of letting up.
Honoring Those Who Wear the Whistle
The least popular people at just about any basketball game on any level are the men and women in striped shirts. Referees a/k/a/ officials are a big part of the game although most view them as a necessary evil. They are okay when they make a call in your favor but just a moment later you’re …

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