So THAT’S The Flu That Everyone’s Talking About
I woke up Wednesday morning with aches and a fever and soon got a doctor's diagnosis of...the flu. The dreaded flu that has been all over the local, state, and national news. Wow, it just came out of the blue! And wow, it makes the human body feel miserable!

5 Things Not to Touch During Flu Season!
It's cold & flu season and this years "flu" is said to be extremely harsh, so anything you can do to avoid being sick is definitely worth taking into consideration. In a recent ABC News report there are 5 things according to health officials to avoid touching during &a…
To Those Ocean County Folks Who Lose Umbrellas
I am prone to losing umbrellas so I have stopped using them. A hooded jacket is what I wear instead. I've read some tips for people who tend to leave umbrellas behind. One suggestion is to stick the velcro to a shoelace when you put the umbrella down on the floor at a restaurant or on a bus,…

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