On The Day After…Thankful To Bounce Things Off of Friends
You and your office mates probably spent some time discussing the Grammy telecast and the feelings that came up during the night. The artists' intended to get us talking, and that's what we're all doing today. On the day after a big event like the Grammy Awards, I'm grateful to…
When You Mistake This For That…And It’s Nasty
If you've had the flu, you know how important it is to fight the dehydration that comes with the illness.  So like an obedient flu-recoverer, I've been drinking lots of water, tea, and sports drinks.
But the last gulp I had was a big shock to my system...
So THAT’S The Flu That Everyone’s Talking About
I woke up Wednesday morning with aches and a fever and soon got a doctor's diagnosis of...the flu. The dreaded flu that has been all over the local, state, and national news. Wow, it just came out of the blue! And wow, it makes the human body feel miserable!

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