Christie keeps up push for Horizon profits
Gov. Christie again accused Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of "profiteering on taxpayer money and profiteering on the poor" with Medicaid money that was available after his administration expanded Medicaid, and said he has proposed legislation to change it.
Shawn Lost 15 Pounds Without Really Trying….Find Out How!
It's Spring and just like the weather it's time to do a "re-set" on ourselves as well, so it it was time to getting moving and lose a few pounds in the process. My doctor also wanted me to lower my cholesterol levels as well.  I have to be honest it really was not th…
Does Ocean County Use Canvas/Cloth Shopping Bags?
With Earth Day approaching on Saturday, I decided to write a blog about plastic shopping bags. When I was in San Diego in November, the grocery clerk was telling everyone to start bringing their own bags due to what happened on Election Night...

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