Top 10 Worst Foods For You to Eat! [LIST]
Recently I was reading an article on "eat this, not that" which outlined the most unhealthy foods on the planet! The worst of the worst. So I figure it's simple, avoid these foods and you'll feel and look better. Of course I'm not a doctor (disclaimer), just…
Going Solar in Ocean County
With everyone talking about the sun today, I thought I'd make that the "star" of my blog today, only I'm not writing about the eclipse.
Instead, today's post is about solar energy.  The more I travel, at home and abroad, the more I'm seeing solar panels on p…
Two Weeks of La Dolce Vita in Italy
I'm back from a two week vacation in Italy and thought I'd share with you some highlights and observations in today's blog post.
The food in Italy is truly delicious.  Every meal was something special.  Fresh ingredients were lovingly prepared at every place we went...

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