Help! How Do You Pick The Perfect Melon?
One of my very favorite summer foods is melon. Honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon are always nice, refreshing, healthy treats. But when it comes to actually choosing a melon, I still haven't found the perfect advice yet.
Most Embarrassing Places For Coughing/Sneezing/Laughing Fits
I coughed. Then I kept coughing. You know when you just can't stop? I went to the pocket of my purse where I keep cough drops just for times like these and it was empty. This incident got me thinking about other "fits" that happened at embarrassing or inappropriate moments. Did y…
Turning Helplessness Into Help for Harvey Victims
We've been mentioning on-air that the American Red Cross is welcoming monetary donations so this morning I put my money where my mouth is. I know that their volunteers are on the ground, helping people get through this crisis. And if my cash can help a person or a family, then that's goo…
Making The Most of that Last Day of Vacation
Too many of us start thinking about work or doing work related things while we're still officially on a day off. What do YOU do to make the most of your last day of vacation? Any suggestions for transitioning back to work-mode?

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