Two Jersey Shore Events That Mean So Much to Me
If you're a parent this hits so hard and close to home.  My heart breaks for these families.  I can't even imagine the sadness they're going through.  It's our time to help them out as much as we can together as a community.
Ocean & Monmouth County Teachers of the Year 2017-2018
We are very proud to have Christine represent our district and Ocean County as the county Teacher of the Year ~ Manchester Superintendent David Trethaway
The New Jersey Department of Education has released its 2017-2018 "Teacher of the Year" and here in Ocean County, the winne…
Besides Ocean County, What Place Feels Like Home?
Is there a city or town besides Ocean County that feels like home to you. In other words, do you ever dream of retiring in a different locale? When travelling, have you discovered a place that just FEELS really right to you? A place you could envision yourself living?
The Mystery of Taylor’s Makeup Has Been Solved!
I finally did it.  I had DNA testing done on my rescue dog so I could learn about her makeup.  Before I reveal the names of the 4 breeds, I'd like to tell you a little background.
When I adopted her from the rescue organization I was told Taylor was a Hound/Boxer mix...
Do You Pay Attention To NY Fashion Week?
Do you pay attention to what's en vogue? Where do you get your fashion inspiration? Is it from magazines? From photos of celebs on the red carpet? From e-mails sent by the stores you patronize? Or do you just buy what catches your eye at the store?

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