Help Out This Local, Amazing Young Lady
Shawn and I have known Amara and her family for years through Children's Specialized Hospital.  Her story brought me to tears and now she needs our help.  Her spirit is simply amazing through everything she's been through, her one true love is dance!
The Future of Cars On Ocean County Roads
The Philadelphia Auto Show opened over the weekend. The latest and greatest cars are being shown to thousands of visitors from all over. Environmental and technological advancements are being displayed. And for those who want to see how a car feels, there's a whole area for test driving diff…
On The Day After…Thankful To Bounce Things Off of Friends
You and your office mates probably spent some time discussing the Grammy telecast and the feelings that came up during the night. The artists' intended to get us talking, and that's what we're all doing today. On the day after a big event like the Grammy Awards, I'm grateful to…

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