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Topic A Blog – Sunday 8/12/2012
Get a look at The Big Picture of What is Going on in Our Country, Our Government, The World.  Check out the Documentary that Explains it all.  Click Here for The Link to The Movie and the Web Site.  Let Bob Know Your Thoughts
And More Of Your Phone Calls:
Topic A Blog – Sunday 7/29/2012
"Death Race 2012" Charges Announced. (CNN) -- The New Jersey Attorney General announced criminal charges Friday against state troopers involved in the unauthorized high-speed State Police escort of a caravan of high-performance sports cars dubbed "Death Race 2012" by local med…
Topic A Blog – Sunday 7/01/2012
Obamacare Upheld, NJ Hospitals, Businesses React
Chris Christie Signs $31.7 Billion State Budget
Middletown Water Pipes May Not Be Fixed Until July 4th
Your Guide to Fireworks at the Jersey Shore This 4th of July
And More of Your Phone Calls:
Topic A Blog – Sunday 5/20/2012
Christie's second N.J. Supreme Court nominee Bruce A. Harris,  would be New Jersey’s first openly gay and third African-American justice, should he be considered by the Judiciary Committee May 31. That’s four months after Christie nominated him, and two months after the panel rejected Phillip Kwo…

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