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Topic A Blog Sunday 9/30/12
Madonna Says "We Have a Black Muslim in the White House".  See the You Tube Video Here
During the Presidential campaign, in June of 2008, Barack Obama proclaimed that he would "never question the patriotism of others". However, during a campaign speech in July of 2008, while addre…
Topic A Blog Sunday 9/23/12
The Dates and Venues have been announced for the 2012 Presidential debates between President Obama and Mitt Romney. The date for the Vice Presidential debate has also been announced. Click Here for the full schedule
Mitt Romney Says "I Like Being Able to Fire People...."  Watch the Video He…
Topic A Blog Sunday 9/16/12
Former Toms River Regional School Superintendent, Michael Ritacco has been sentenced to over 11 years in federal prison to begin immediately.  Click Here for the Full Story
President Obama was heard on the South Florida airwaves this 9/11 Anniversary morning in a 10-minute radio interview with Mia…
Topic A Blog Sunday 9/09/12
Taking "GOD" out of the Presidential National Convention.  How Many Times Was it Mentioned?  What Other Words and Phrases Where Mentioned?  Click Here to Find Out
Florida State Football Game was Cut Short in the 3rd Quarter Due to a Storm and Ending the Game with a 55-0 score.  Do the Sport…
Topic A Blog Sunday 8/26/2012
Neil Alden Armstrong, August 5, 1930 – August 25, 2012 A former United States Astronaut and the First Man to Ever Step Foot on the Surface of the Moon, Has Died at the age of 82.
Fighting For Redemption: The Irish Teddy Mann Story.  Buy it Here at
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Topic A Blog – Sunday 8/19/2012
News Reports Indicating that Multiple Agencies of the Federal Government have Ordered and are Stockpiling Multimillions of Rounds of Ammunition. Click Here for the Facts
Vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan says his family relied on Medicare to take care of his grandmother, and his mother now count…
Topic A Blog – Sunday 8/12/2012
Get a look at The Big Picture of What is Going on in Our Country, Our Government, The World.  Check out the Documentary that Explains it all.  Click Here for The Link to The Movie and the Web Site.  Let Bob Know Your Thoughts
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Topic A Blog – Sunday 7/29/2012
"Death Race 2012" Charges Announced. (CNN) -- The New Jersey Attorney General announced criminal charges Friday against state troopers involved in the unauthorized high-speed State Police escort of a caravan of high-performance sports cars dubbed "Death Race 2012" by local med…

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