Did Toms River Teddy See His Shadow? [VIDEO]
Our very own prognosticating bear "Toms River Teddy" emerged from his bear cave today to make his prediction .... early Spring or six more weeks of Winter? Check out video from his historic event here in Downtown Toms River!
Farewell to a Classic
Michael, Arlene, Katie, James, Bernadette, Dolores, Danny, Ronnie Jean, Anna, Joseph and Barbara will say their final goodbyes on Thursday to Dolores Sullivan, a woman whose greatest accomplishment lives on in them and their families.
Sue’s Mommy Blog – Abs is 12 Today
She's the love of my life- fresh, funny, truly a wonderful little soul that brings me sunshine every day!  She's NOW 12 and her life and what she does is just so funny, it’s too funny not to talk about or write about!  It’s all about sharing our adventures with you. Time flies.  Thanks for all of yo…

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