Did you ever wonder what your cat was thinking or feeling?  Well maybe these cat sounds will help you out?


According to Mother Nature Network:

Meowing:  This means several different things...Happy, Sad, or possibly Angry.  Maybe they just want your attention.

Purring:  They do this when they are not happy..they might feel threatened.

Trilling:  This is a cross between purring and meowing.  It's when cats communicate to each other.  And sometimes if they need something, like a new bowl of water or food.

Chattering:  This is a cros between purring and meowing, as well, but their mouth is usually open when chattering.  It means they're excited about something or possibly frustrated.

Hissing or Growling:  It means their afraid or angry.  They usually do it to humans, cats or other animals.

Caterwauling:  This is the sound a female cat makes.  It's a way of letting everyone know she's in heat.  If your cat is fixed, she probably isn't making this noise.

Who knew cats made all these noises?  Who knew?