I don’t pretend to me some kind of fashion expert but thanks to my wife and some common sense I have a decent idea of what looks good and what does not, especially when it comes to coordinating colors.

I will tell you that my summer wardrobe is my favorite and I love to mix and match shorts, golf/polo shirts and even shoes.  Those I work with often compliment me on the bright colors I like to wear.  I’m not saying this to impress you but rather make a point.

Why do we automatically move from summer to fall clothes when the temperature is still very summer-like?  Most of us know that the old rule about not wearing white after Labor Day is a bunch of hog-wash but at the same time it appears many automatically move into their fall clothes at the same time.

It was 90 degrees last week and I saw women wearing skirts with boots.  Doesn’t it make sense to dress for the weather conditions as much as the calendar?  I say yes!

So consider me a fashion maverick who will wear shorts when he wants and match them with topsiders for as long as possible without socks.  The bright colors will remain; yellow, light blue, pink because there is plenty of time for what I consider the dull colors said to be popular: brown, olive, rust...yuck.

To be honest I’m probably only going to continue my summer fashion statement for another couple of weeks but it will make me feel better isn’t that what it’s all about?  I’m just one middle aged man taking a stand against the cold, hard reality of what’s coming and that is sweaters, jackets, gloves, scarves, all the things I hate.

For now summer lives and I’m proud to carry the torch for the cause.