According to a new study from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, carbon dioxide levels are currently reported to be the highest ever in human history. One New Jersey official said the report is further proof that global warming is real and has to be addressed.

"Carbon dioxide levels are at the highest levels in three million years," said Assemblyman John McKeon. "So, since the beginning of human kind they've never been higher. What that means is more continued climate change and what that means is continued cataclysmic weather patterns, hurricanes, tornados."

McKeon is chairman of the Assembly Environment Committee.

On Wednesday, McKeon hosted a town hall on climate change in New Jersey that included a panel of experts that examined the causes and consequences of climate change and talked about possible solutions.

"Climate change is real and threatens our survival, our livelihood and quality of life.  It is caused by an increase in carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere that are currently being reported to have reached a concentration not seen on earth for more than three million years. The last time carbon dioxide reached daily levels of 400 parts per million (ppm), humans didn't exist. This is an urgent call for action," said McKeon.

In the past, Gov. Chris Christie has said he believes global warming is real, but after Sandy he said there is no proof that the Superstorm was caused by climate change.

"Instead of trying to deny that climate change is esoteric or not connected to Sandy, we need to get out front and lead," said Jeff Tittel, the state director of the Sierra Club. "We need to work to reduce greenhouse gases and other pollutants to help protect us long-term, but more importantly, we need to adapt to the future that is in front of us by rebuilding in a smarter, better way that includes regional planning, green buildings, open space preservation, and renewable energy."