More than 15 reports of burglarized cars between Saturday night and Sunday morning leave residents of Monmouth's Ocean Township on edge and police looking for witnesses.

Authorities say unlocked cars were looted on Pal, Matilda and Emma Drives, along with Bowne, Deal and Cold Indian Springs Roads in the Wayside section overnight on August 18th.

According to police, the vehicles were parked in driveways as well as at curbsides. Thieves rummaged for easily-spotted loose change and small personal and electronic gear.

If you saw any unusual activity or were victimized yourself, call the Ocean Township PD Detective Bureau, 732-531-1800.

They also remind you not to move your car or truck, or to rearrange the remaining contents, until after investigators have seen it also.

Police also urge you to take cash and portable electronic devices such as cell phones, iPods and GPS units when leaving your vehicle - and lock it behind you.