Would-be criminals may want to stay out of Cape May County. Surveillance cameras have been posted in all major gathering spots, and officials are compiling a list of every single security camera in the county.

Wildwood Boardwalk (Flickr user Jim, the Photographer)

According to officials, the initiatives are meant to deter crime. Police would also know exactly where to go for video evidence after a criminal act or tragic accident.

"We have the entire boardwalk in Wildwood and North Wildwood covered by security cameras," said Cape May County Prosecutor Robert Taylor. "The beauty of the security cameras - we also have them faced at the street."

The initiative began last year with a video security system on Ocean City's boardwalk. Every boardwalk and promenade community is to be covered.

Taylor said the bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon in April proves that any place where people gather can be considered a "potential soft target."

Meanwhile, officials are working to identify every business, street corner and home equipped with surveillance equipment. They already have a lengthy list of locations.

Taylor said from a public safety perspective, it would be smart for other counties to conduct similar initiatives. He recently offered tips to Atlantic City, which is interested in putting electronic eyes on the boardwalk.