The Peaceful Transfer of Power


Can we come together as Americans? The election is over and through our election process here in the United States, we have a winner. All of us have voted for President, well maybe you were a first time voter, but for the average listener of our morning show you have won and lost a few bids for the White House. Yes it may hurt for a while, but we have all overcome our sadness and moved on. As we discussed last week on the air, it won't be long before we begin seeing potential Presidential candidates start popping up for 2020. So lets see what happens and in four years we will have our chance to evaluate a Trump administration. It's really quite simple if he does a good job he'll get four more years and if it's a disaster .... he'll get the boot. We all need to come together and support the office of our President, otherwise we ALL suffer.


The thing I cannot endorse though is the scenes of "anti" America, that we are seeing. First let me say that these "protesters"  are a very very small percentage of the population. The mainstream television news, which is now exposed and dead, wants you to think the country is upside down ... but it's not. I support the right to protest, but not at the expense the American Flag. Anyone who burns the American Flag is an enemy of the State. Once you turn your back on your country, you lose your rights to "peaceful" protest. Destroying property, attacking law enforcement, fighting with others and disrupting businesses are all illegal activities and NOT part of the "protest" process. I do believe that 30 - 40 % of those you see taking to the streets are only there because it's a free invite for civil disobedience. Ignore mainstream TV media and move on, like we've done for hundreds of years.


What can we do ? Well if you didn't vote for President-Elect Trump use this time to look at joining a coalition that you agree with. Find a party or movement to be active in. Start researching candidates you feel you can support. Be constructive and active in our nations future, not a destructive force that sets us back. If you are a Trump supporter be there to help in the transition and maybe volunteer time in your town to help the new President. Whether it's working with kids, elderly, charities, food pantries, etc. be a positive force in helping your neighbor and being productive.


Look we are all gonna lose elections in the future, so unless your psychic ... suck it up, make a difference and be a proud American!


Do you are agree or disagree with me  ? Share your thoughts ....

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