Do you feel like your family is constantly on the run ?

So yesterday it occured to me once again that our family is in a daily race to get everything done! I thought it was more hectic when the kids were younger, but now that they are older they have more to do and more away from home .... which means traveling !

It seems that its a run from the time school ends around 2pm til well past dinner with us heading out at 9 pm sometimes!

There's so many different things the kids are involved with:

School Activities

School Sports

Clubs ( Dance, Martial Arts, Boy/Girl Scouts etc )

Church Groups

Also there is the issue of homework! and I didnt even mention maybe Mom & Dad have WORK related matters afterhours! See it's the race .....


Here's some tips I have found helps:

Budget Time: If the kids dont have to be at a function til a few hours after school, have them get homework done in-between

Healthy Snacks: We've found our kids are always hungry right after school, but its still just mid afternoon. If they are coming home before heading back out...have healthy snacks , but ones they like. Fruit, Peanut Butter, Granola Bars , Yogurt etc ( and yes it's expensive to eat healthy I know that )

Nap: There are times if the kids dont need to be back out til night that they might need alil nap to recharge their batteries. Some kids start their school day with an alarm going off in the 5 am hour and by afternoon they are simply tired!

Carpool: To save Mom and Dad if the kids are involved with activities with their friends maybe work out a schedule with other parents...You drive they pick-up Vice/Versa. Saves time and GAS! 

Dinner: Try making sure dinners are healthier, good food equals good energy! Maybe pre-planning meals so they are easier to have ready. It's tuff after working all day and the kids need to go and having a nice dinner ready, and its alot easier to go thru the drive-thru!

Hopefully this helps and we'd love you to share your thoughts and we may be able to help each other !