Rebuilding from Superstorm Sandy goes beyond sheet rock and nails. Small businesses will be able to get some good old fashion advice from business experts in an effort to help get them back on their feet.

'Score', a national nonprofit business mentor organization, has dispatched over 300 volunteers this summer to offer workshops, individualized counseling, webinars, networking events and other services free of charge in Sandy-impacted areas.

Score Business Mentor Dick Leslie says "what we're finding now is that there's a great need for assistance to try and get low interest or no interest business loans and also we're getting a lot of request for assistance on marketing."

Leslie says the army of experts will be in the state until the end of September. He says they're hoping to establish a full-time presence in Atlantic City and Cape May.

Get more information from their web site at, Connect with SCORE at, Online resources can also be found at

In Atlantic County on July 25th, SCORE will be hosting a business owner roundtable, getting proprietors together to share their experiences and ideas. The roundtable will be held at Richard Stockton College from 4 to 6 p.m. Leslie say you can register at the web site or call 609 271 8524.