Wary of teeming rain and gusty winds followed by a change to snow, Brick Township police warn residents living in their barrier island neighborhoods and waterfront zones to either move inland, or buffet their properties from higher-than-normal high tides.

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Waves as high as five to seven feet are expected on the ocean front around 6 PM and along the bay by 10:47 PM, with another high tide about 12 hours later.

The following information is from Brick Police Sergeant Keith Reinhard:

  • A Nor’easter will affect the region starting late tonight through Saturday morning February 9th.
  • Threats from the storm include snow, coastal flooding, and wind.
  • Along the Atlantic Coast of New Jersey, moderate coastal flooding is likely;  moderate to major beach erosion is also likely.
  •  Wind will gust up to 40 mph inland and 55 mph in coastal areas.  A combination of high winds and wet snow will produce a threat of significant power outages.
  •  Along the Atlantic Coast of NJ, moderate coastal flooding is now likely.   Moderate beach erosion is likely; major beach erosion is possible.
  • The timeline for the tides are as follows:

Friday High Tide Bay: 10:47 PM  -  Saturday High Tide: 11:11 AM

Friday High Tide Ocean 6:00 PM  -Saturday High Tide 6:15AM

  • During the Friday sunrise high tide minor coastal flooding is possible, minor beach erosion is possible, waves in surf zone will be 3-5 feet along Atlantic coast.
  • During the Friday sunset high tide – minor coastal flooding will occur; minor beach erosion will occur, moderate beach erosion is possible, waves in surf zone will be 5-7 feet along Atlantic coast.
  • Saturday sunrise high tide – moderate coastal flooding is likely; moderate beach erosion will occur, major beach erosion is possible, waves in surf zone will be 6-8 feet along Atlantic coast.

Based on the above information from the National Weather Service, Mayor Steven Acropolis and Chief Nils R. Bergquist are strongly encouraging any residents currently residing on the barrier island section of town and residents in those areas throughout the town that are prone to flooding, to relocate or take the appropriate action for their safety.  The Brick Township Office of Emergency Management will continue to monitor the storm and provide any new updates as deemed necessary.

Anyone who is of need of assistance in relocating can contact the Brick Township Police Department for assistance at 732-262-1100.