The Brick Township Police Department is joining other Jersey towns by introducing body worn audio/video cameras (BWC), for their patrol officers.

Brick Police body warn camera. (Brick Township Police Department)

The cameras will be used while officers are on duty to show "an accurate and unbiased recorded account of an incident," Brick Police said in a statement.

Video captured by these cameras will also be used as evidence for a variety of cases including criminal and traffic related offenses.

These cameras are being used under the guidelines of the New Jersey Attorney General and the Ocean County Prosecutors Office in addition to Brick Police policy.

Here is a list from Brick Township Police on how the cameras will be used:

  • Recordings serve as protection for police officers when there are complaints about their conduct or professionalism during encounters with the public.
  • The recordings may be introduced into evidence in criminal and motor vehicle prosecutions as well as in civil litigation.
  • The recordings may resolve disputes concerning what occurred during particular incidents, thereby protecting both the public and the officers involved.
  • When complete recall is not possible, such as when multiple events are happening simultaneously or out of an officer's line of sight, an audio/visual recording may provide an accurate record of events.
  • Supervisors will be able to view the recordings and select portions to use to train officers in safety, field training, interpersonal skills, proper police procedures, and legal doctrines.
  • Recordings can permit supervisors to undertake more meaningful performance evaluations.
  • Recordings augment management's ability to evaluate its basic police practices and interactions between its personnel and the general public.
  • Recordings enhance management's ability to train personnel in proper police procedures.

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