A Brick police officer has reportedly completed his swearing in ceremony without swearing on a Bible, according to a Facebook post from the American Humanist Association.

According to the post on Facebook: "After consulting with AHA attorney Monica Miller, a new officer of the Brick, NJ police force was permitted to complete his swearing in ceremony without having to swear on the Bible; the first time a person has refused to swear on the Bible in Brick! Congratulations to the new officer for standing up for his rights!" Miller was not immediately available for comment on this story.

Reached by phone this evening, Brick Mayor John Ducey said he was unaware which officer had completed the ceremony without a Bible. He said two officers have been promoted in recent weeks to the ranks of captain and lieutenant, after the recent departure of a police captain in December. He said their ceremonies took place during the day at the Township Municipal offices over the past two weeks, rather than at a meeting Tuesday night, which was cancelled due to inclement weather.

Ducey added, "To me, it's about the individual's rights. Whether they choose to swear on a Bible or something else, let them do it as long as it is legal."

A statement released from Sgt. Henry Drew, on behalf of Brick Township Police Department read:  "There was no problem with the ceremony. The oaths were administered properly. Should an officer choose not to use a Bible, the department does not question their religious beliefs."

The moves within the department are expected to be discussed at the next regularly-scheduled Council meeting, on Feb. 4.