The issue over the Brick Township Mayor's salary seems to be sticking around longer than we thought.

Yesterday, we told you that Mayor Steve Acropolis has vetoed the ordinance that would shrink the pay day for anyone holding another full time post from $52,000 down to $15,000 a year. Today, Council President John Ducey is speaking out against Acropolis' plan and is urging him to change the subject.

What needs a greater focus right now in the Township? Ducey says "how about the budget." The $82-million dollar spending plan Acropolis introduced last month is still creating waves at Town Hall. It seeks to dissolve the Department of Public Works, lay's off about 77 workers in that department and cuts services residents have come to depend on like trash and recycling pickup. Ducey feels all of this is unacceptable.

Ducey says "Mayor Acropolis is trying to divert attention away from the important things here which is his spending plan. He figures by continuing to talk about this salary ordinance that it will somehow help his case. We are going to find ways to trim where possible while still giving the public what they want."

The Mayor has accused the ordinance of being too arbitrary and not enforceable. He also doesn't know where they came up with the $15,000 figure. Ducey says "that was what the salary was before Acropolis was elected. It makes sense to revert it back if the person holds another position.":

The council has not yet decided whether they will overturn Acropolis' veto. They continue to focus on the budget and are interviewing all department heads to find out what their full expenses look like.