On the cusp of stepping out from under the shadow of an animated character and into Hollywood's spotlight, Eddie Murphy has stepped down as the host of the Academy Awards.

This comes on the heels of Oscar telecast producer Brett Ratner resigning amid recent thoughtless, controversial comments.

When Ratner was named producer of the upcoming awards show he handpicked Murphy to host.

Coming off a number of live action box office bombs in the last number of years (Meet Dave, anyone?), the Oscar gig was really seen as a chance for Eddie Murphy to step away from animation (Shrek) and back up to the live action A-list. Unfortunately, now it looks like he'll take the hit because of his Tower Heist director's faux pas.

Murphy is of course best known these days for lending his voice to Shrek's sidekick Donkey, but it looks like Brett Ratner is the jacka-- in this situation.

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