If there's another Superstorm, will New Jersey be ready?

NJ Office of Information Technology

Governor Christie insists steps are being taken to make sure the answer is yes.

"We've launched a post-Sandy planning assistance grant program, which provides up to $310,000 to communities for planning initiatives for future storms, helps them develop a strategic plan, and we expect that 70 communities across New Jersey will participate in this program. They'll be better prepared," says the Governor.

He also points out there's a hazard mitigation grant program for counties, which will provide grants to develop emergency plans.

On the state level, Christie says "we've launched a cooperative effort to identify regional resiliency opportunities through sophisticated infrastructure - a heat map - it's a digital representation of all the critical infrastructure in New Jersey."

"That will help us to analyze where these types of systems, including drinking water, wastewater, transportation, energy, communication systems, where they intersect and overlap."

"We're partnering with six universities to devise a flood mitigation strategy for particularly flood prone communities near the Hudson River, the Hackensack River, the Arthur Kill, the Barnegat Bay and the Delaware Bay, and we're also looking at energy resiliency, to make sure we're ready for another huge storm.

He says the response to Irene was good and was even better for Sandy, so the state will be prepared."

"Our response to whatever comes next will be better if we prepare the right way."