It is a 4th of July tradition that has been enjoyed by generations and for tens of thousands it’s the way they cap their holiday celebration.

Spectators watch the fireworks over Beachwood Beach (Erik Weber, Riverside Signal)

For the 74th year the Borough of Beachwood will host a truly spectacular fireworks extravaganza on Friday, one that WOBM is proud to be a part of.

Of course there was a time when many towns had some kind of fireworks display to celebrate our nation’s birthday but that is certainly no longer the case as the financial burden and responsibility has become too great.

However there are still some towns and business groups that are able to secure the resources and there is no better example of that than the Beachwood tradition of fireworks on the 4th. So weather permitting Friday night young and old will gather all along the Toms River for 21 minutes of "oohs" and "ahs." 18,000 shells will light up the sky with a finale that will wake up even the deepest sleeper.

Beachwood Fireworks (Townsquare Media NJ)

What the public will not see though is the combined effort that goes into putting on this annual show. While it’s coordinated by Beachwood officials the show itself is made possible by sponsorships and donations from area businesses and residents. Comcast and WOBM have been long-time financial supporters of the fireworks tradition and among other companies answering the call are Connor Strong and Buckelew, T&M Associates, Hiering, Gannon and McKenna, the Toms River Country Club, First Energy and Chap Plumbing of Pine Beach.

However just as important are the many donations that come from the public, some for just a dollar or two. As I have said time and time again if everyone watching the fireworks would just donate a dollar than the financial future of continuing this tradition would be rock solid.

Money is a large part of the behind-the-scenes effort and so is the work of the Beachwood Police and Public Works Departments along with volunteers from the Fire Company and First Aid squads. Same for some of the surrounding towns like Pine Beach and South Toms River as thousands of people make their way into the area for the best possible vantage point.

Of course anywhere on the Toms River will work and that includes the many boats in the water. As for the weather, well every effort will be made to shoot the fireworks shortly after 9pm Friday and there does seem to be a good chance things will clear up in time. Saturday is the official rain date but expect the Fireworks Gods to smile down on Beachwood and allow a 4th of July tradition like no other to continue as scheduled.