The closure of a boat ramp in Brick Township is causing quite a stir among residents and officials.  One councilman is trying to get it re-opened following what he calls a knee jerk reaction from the Mayor.

The decision to close the Glenwood Place Boat Ramp on the Metedeconk River came from Mayor Steve Acropolis.  It was prompted by complaints from some locals ranging from excessive noise and overcrowding to ludeness and public urination.  The ramp had been in operation for nearly 75 years until a few months ago.  The controversy arose when Acropolis made the choice to do it without consulting the council or the public.

Councilman Dan Toth, who tells WOBM News that he enjoys boating on the river and had used it for access, is very upset with the fact they weren't included in the process.  He says "the last thing I would have done was close it.  We would have urged for some police presence in the area and put more restrictions in place.  To close it seems wrong and totally infringes on the residents and visitor's rights to access the waterway."

The other issue is the cost.  Access to the boat ramp was free.  Now that it's closed, those who want to get their boats into the water have to use a section of Trader's Cove at the cost of $10 a day.  Toth says "what if that's a financial hardship on someone?  This is the wrong way to deal with this.  It would have been nice if Acropolis talked with us first and got input from the people who elected him.  This was a sneak attack."

The public is also seeing red about the decision.  At a recent council meeting, there were heated exchanges between the council, the mayor and people who came up to the microphone during the open portion.  Many people want to see it opened again.

Toth tells us that Council President John Ducey will form a committee to look and see about the ramp's closure and find out if there's any way to reverse it.