On November 26th, internet gambling will be rolled out in New Jersey.  However, compulsive gambling prevention advocates fear a soaring increase in the number of gambling addicts.

Council On Compulsive Gambling Executive Director Donald Weinbaum said the access and round-the-clock availability of these games of chance is what concerns them.

"The fact that people can gamble in the middle of the night, they can gamble without the need to go anywhere ... that's a real risk for people who are vulnerable to addiction, explains Weinbaum."

So the Council is preparing to expand its treatment programs and prevention education efforts. Weinbaum said they'll be expanding its help line services and putting prevention programs in schools and universities around the state.

They're also trying to get the word out about the state's self-exclusion program. "There's an opportunity for one year, five years, or lifetime exclusion and the Division of Gaming Enforcement has just put in place a new internet gambling program, explains Weinbaum."

He said there are signs that may indicate that you have a gambling problem. "Which include: Is it interfering in your life in some way? Are you lying or covering up about your gambling? Are you betting more than you had intended and then even trying to go back to win back what you lost already? Those are all red flags, according to Weinbaum."

This Thursday, Atlantic City Casinos will reportedly be offering a five-day, invitiation-only trial of online Gambling. The entire state is expected to begin online gambling starting November 26th.

Reach the Council on Compulsive Gambling help line at 1-800-Gambler or 1-800-426-2537