Bill Rancic joined us on Monday Morning to talk about their upcoming appearance this Saturday at the Algonquin Arts Center in Manasquan. Part of Meridian Health's "Paint The Town Pink" Initiative :)

When faced with a cancer diagnosis, or any life-changing event, it is often the “little things” we treasure.  A cup of coffee with a best friend, a spontaneous hug from your child, a walk on a sunny day, or side-splittling laughter, are all little things that mean a lot.

A mammogram may seem like a little thing, but it can be a life-saver.  It was for Giuliana Rancic.  Which is why she has been a tireless advocate for annual mammography and supports the mission of Paint the Town Pink.

Join us as Giuliana and Bill share how a mammogram forever changed their lives, opened them up to a new future of amazing moments-including the joy of welcoming their son-and created a future of many little things to treasure.

Listen to Bill Rancic's coversation with Shawn and Sue