A little of this and a little of that:

Glad to hear that President Trump received a clean bill of health from his White House physician as results of his first presidential physical were disclosed Tuesday.  However Trump does need to lose 10-15 pounds which apparently will be a challenge because he enjoys McDonald’s and doesn’t exercise.

A forthcoming book co-written by his former campaign manager and a campaign assistant reveal that a typical Trump dinner consists of two Big Macs, two Fillet-O-Fish sandwiches and a chocolate milk shake.  That would add up to 2,420 calories, 112 grams of fat and 238 carbs.

His doctor said Trump’s genetics allow him to eat like that and basically be healthy but my guess is that outside of McDonald’s nobody would recommend that type of diet.

Toms River North has not lost a boys basketball game to another team in Class A South since January 30, 2015 when they were beaten by Southern.  The Mariners stretched their division winning streak to 38 games as they rallied for a 55-45 win at Brick last night in a matchup of the top two teams in “A South.”

Seniors Holden Petrick and Travis Holland each scored 17 to lead North as they improved to 10-2 overall.  What should not be overlooked is the job 7th year head coach Rory Caswell has done in building one of the shore’s best programs and going 141-39.

Truly thrilled to hear that Toms River’s Gregg Lerner has been voted New Jersey Sportswriter of the Year by the National Sports Media Association for the second time in his career.  Gregg was a longtime reporter for the Star Ledger and spent the past six years with News 12 Varsity which previously was MSG Varsity.

He is a true professional and did a terrific job of covering high school sports in the shore and state. More importantly he’s a quality person.  Unfortunately Lerner was part of major cuts made at the end of the year by News 12 Varsity but his selection by state members of the NSMA is a validation of the work he’s done throughout his career.