LAKEWOOD - Investigations by local police continue into the Saturday night collision of a bicyclist with a car that led to the two-wheeler rider's death.

The identity of the 63-year-old bike rider has yet to be revealed by township authorities, who said that the driver is 17 years of age.

Police were summoned to Williams Street at about 9 PM.  The bicyclist was pronounced dead just over an hour later at Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus, authorities said.

So far, police have not issued supplemental details, including the number of occupants in the car, visibility factors, positioning of the bicyclist and car at point of impact, estimated speeds, or whether the bicyclist wore protective gear.

Traffic Safety Officer David Silberstein leads the investigation, and he seeks input from anyone familiar with the crash, or who might have seen it.

He can be reached at 732-363-0200, extension 5387.

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