One of my favorite parts of Men’s Health magazine is the “The Average Guy” feature which runs in the back and basically reports stats and numbers when it comes to men and a variety of subjects.

This month’s issue deals with facts about men and pregnancy and since our morning news anchor Jason Allentoff just became a Dad for the first time I thought I’d get his thoughts on a couple of the facts delivered in the column.

Jason Allentoff holds his newborn daughter Sophia (Townsquare Media NJ)

Jason’s wife Christina gave birth to Sophia Anne on July 18th and their daughter is doing great, if you don’t count sleeping at night.

  • 71% of men think their newborn is a “blessed miracle.”  Jason does too!
  • The average guy’s father tells him about the stork around the age of 10.

Jason said his parents never lied to him about that and he knew about the stork at a very young age.

  • The average guy becomes a first-time father at age 25…Jason was 31.  By the way I think that age is going up at a fast rate…not too many people even get married anymore by the time they are 25.
  • 1 in 4 men will post an ultrasound picture on Facebook….Jason did!
  • 11% of men celebrate their child’s birth by lighting up a cigar but our news guy does not smoke so his father-in-law did the honors.  Jason did end up with an empty wrapper and label with the birth announcement.
  • Hard to believe but as a sign of solidarity 23% of men give up drinking during their wife’s pregnancy.  I know both times my wife was pregnant I drank more.
  • The same 23% insist through no choice of their own they experienced sympathy pains and Jason says he not only falls into that category but he also had more food cravings than his wife.  The weirdest food the average guy was asked to get from the supermarket in the middle of the night was Wheat Thins which frankly I don’t find weird.
  • 1 in 4 men don’t want to know if it’s a boy or girl until the birth.  Jason and his wife were both in the majority and knew they were having a girl.
  • 70% of men want a son to carry on the family name….Jason wanted a daughter for the first and got his wish.
  • 2% of men fainted in the delivery room. Fortunately Jason stayed on his feet.

Sort of related is this note to pass on.  Pregnant women said getting their belly rubbed by a stranger is a “no no” and their top pet peeve.  You are much better off just saying “congratulations” and wish her well.