Fun day with the WOBM Hometown Crew at Statewide Modular in Toms River

Shawn Michaels, Townsquare Media


It was a blustery and chilly Saturday in Ocean County, but we had a fun time out at Statewide Custom Modular Homes  ( 1905 Rt 37 East ) in Toms River. Great as always meeting with listners and big shout-out to Conor !

I must admit my first response when touring the models at Statewide was "WOW" what a truly beautiful home. I think many have certain images of how "modular" homes will look or not look...but these truly are something. I remember growing up my Mom loved walking through models to just see new styles and looks. As kids we always thought it was cool when all the wax food  ( including ice cream sundaes ) were out on the tables :)

Shawn Michaels, Townsquare Media

Whether you're searching for affordable housing, or an elaborate design, we can provide
you with more housing options, a shorter completion time, and a guaranteed lower cost per square foot than traditional builders or other modular home companies


However now , all grown up, I see that those lil things are not whats important ... It's all about price, time and quality. We look forward to seeing you soon check out "station events" to see where we will be next. Look foward to seeing thousands on May 4th at the Annual Toms River Food Fest in Downtown Toms River ... Sue and I will be hosting this years festivities :)