There’s a pretty good chance that you have read or heard in recent weeks about the end of a holiday tradition in many towns…shooting fireworks on the 4th of July.

There was a time when it seemed like just about every town had some kind of fireworks display to celebrate our nation’s birthday but that is certainly no longer the case. In some instances the financial burden and responsibility has become too great for local governments while in others where sponsorships footed the bill they no longer can raise the money needed and have had to cancel. However there are still some towns and business groups that are able to overcome the obstacles and continue a long-running tradition and WOBM is especially proud to be part of what will take place in Beachwood again tomorrow.



For the 72nd year the borough I call home will host young and old for a truly spectacular fireworks extravaganza on the Toms River. It takes a combined effort between the town, sponsors and local residents and while it’s not easy it helps make the 4th of July a tradition in Beachwood like no other in the area.

Many will plan their entire holiday around being in the best position possible to watch the fireworks when they go off around 9pm. That position could be at Beachwood Beach or anywhere on the river in places like Pine Beach, Ocean Gate, South Toms River, Island Heights and Toms River. Not to be forgotten is the thousands who will view the show from boats in the river itself. Most take for granted that every 4th of July there will be fireworks in Beachwood because it’s been that way for so long.

However what you will see tomorrow night is the culmination of an annual effort that is spearheaded by borough officials, the Police and Public Works Departments, volunteers from the Fire Company and First Aid Squad and others.

I’ve seen this first-hand for nearly 15 years as I’ve been on the Fireworks Committee which was first established by the late Mayor Bill Hornidge and is now ably run by Committeewoman Bev Clatyton. We have been blessed with generous sponsorship donations from Comcast, Spirits Unlimited, Connor Strong &Buckelew and WOBM/Townsquare Media.

In addition local residents and businesses continue to make donations which fund 100% of the cost but the only way to guarantee that this 70 plus year tradition continues is support from the public. So if you are planning to watch the show tomorrow night then please send a donation (no matter how small) to “Beachwood Fireworks on the River”, c/o Borough Hall, 1600 Pinewald Road, Beachwood 08722.