A pitbull mix from Beachwood is one of five finalists in the National Humane Society’s Pets of Valor competition.

Lilly (Photo courtesy of the Humane Society)

The award celebrates the bond between rescued animals and their humans by honoring an act of bravery attempted by the furry companion.

Lilly the one year old pitbull mix was hiking with her owner Dona Timoney in Double Trouble State Park when Dona collapsed from what doctors diagnosed as a brain aneurysm.

With her owner on the ground in the middle of a hiking path, Lilly bravely went to find the first person she could. She walked up to Frank Delarosa, who tried to take her to a park ranger but Lilly dragged him 150 yards to where the unconscious Dona lay.

Though Dona passed twelve days later, her daughter Amanda is caring for Lilly and is thankful for her ability to give them the extra time to spend with her mother. Timoney is still amazed by the pooch, who she says is “loyal and loving”, but was never trained to do any formal life saving techniques.

Timoney is amazed how much the story has caught on with people and how far her Lilly has gone in the contest.

“It’s pretty amazing, it’s something that gives your hope.” Says Timoney.

Dana Lauer, program coordinator from the Humane Society says Pets of Valor is meant to show how close the bond can be between rescued animals and their new adopted homes.

“These animals have demonstrated incredible qualities and have shown a strong bond with their new adoptive families and have come to their rescue on more than one occasion.”

The winners will be announced June 2nd and receive an original sterling silver pet tag with a set stone as well as a crystal dog figurine.

In addition, the animal shelter or rescue group that cared for the dog or cat who wins will receive a one-year supply of dog food (500 pounds) from BOGO Bowl.