Beach Haven Borough issued a short but to the point warning today for beach goers.

Portuguese Man O' Wars have once again been spotted on the LBI beaches, and officials want to make sure that the public is aware of this very real danger.

At best, the jelly fish-like creatures can cause painful stings. At worst, they can also induce severe allergic reactions that could lead to serious health complications.

And just because you may see a dead one, it doesn't mean that it's safe. Man o' war tentacles retain their venom and the ability to sting well after they have died.

The full text of Beach Haven's bulletin is:

If you are using the beaches in Beach Haven over the next couple days use caution along the water lines as Borough Staff have discovered a couple of Portuguese Man O Wars along the shoreline. Even when dead their toxins remain dangerous to pets, and humans.

So if you plan to spend time on the LBI beaches, just be aware of this dangerous visitor!


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