In the days since the Boston Marathon Bombing, a lot of different stories have been passed around online, on TV, and even in newspaper. One of the main lessons that we should take from these stories is this - be careful about what you pass around.

The two photos above are the official photos, just released by the FBI, of two suspects that they are looking for in connection with the bombing.

In fact, the Special Agent in Charge of the investigation made a point to say that, "other photos should not be deemed credible".

In other words, any other picture that you may have seen on Facebook, on a news site, on TV, or in a newspaper is not a photo of an official suspect.

But again, the main thing that we should take from this is that these are the only two suspects and the only pictures of suspects that are considered to be credible by the FBI. Let's not ruin another person's reputation by perpetuating rumors and passing around false photos.