A Bayville man is facing a number of drug related charges including distribution of heroin following an arrest by Berkeley Township Police on Thursday.


Earlier last week heroin was seen packaged for selling near a school bus stop by the Millcreek Condominiums, where the narcotic was taken into evidence by investigators.

The suspect, 41-year-old Joseph Caputo who had been residing in the MillCreek Condos on Puffin Glade, was caught distributing narcotics near the condos. Some of the transactions took place in the vicinity of a playground in the complex.

On Thursday night, around 9:30pm undercover detectives found Caruso in the same spot, again distributing heroin at which point investigators intiated contact with the Bayville man who instantly ran off to avoid an arrest.

Caruso was soon apprehended by police, and also had an large but undisclosed dollar amount of cash on him along with copious amounts of heroin.

During the course of the investigation, police learned of Caruso's no bail warrant on him for contempt of court in Burlington County.

His charges include distribution of heroin, possession with the intent to distribute, and possession of heroin, but more charges may be pending as the result of a completed probe. Bail was set at $50,000 full.

Berkeley Township Police ask residents who witness any suspicious activity to report it to their TIP Line at 732-341-1132 extension 611, and credit the public's assistance in the success of this particular investigation.


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