The debate continues to heat up in Brick Township in regards to the salary structure of both the Mayor and council.

Mayor Steve Acropolis has outlined ordinances that would drastically cut the Mayor and council member’s pay on a permanent basis. He’s concerned over council President John Ducey’s proposal which prohibits any person who earns a full time salary in the public sector from getting a paycheck for the post. The salary would remain the same total at $52,000 just as long as that person isn’t getting another public check. Acropolis says that would benefit Ducey directly because he’s an attorney and an Ocean County Municipal Prosecutor.

Acropolis says “they can twist and turn this anyway they want. This is not a political issue and they’re making it one. I am a Republican and Ducey’s a Democrat. It’s obvious this will benefit him.”

Mayor Acropolis plans to give back the $52-grand mayoral salary regardless of an ordinance ordering him to do so. He says both he and the council need to set an example. “We are in this for the people and the good of the community. Money really shouldn’t be an issue.” Acropolis came under fire last year when he was hired to lead the Toms River Municipal Utilities Authority at a pay rate of $93,000 a year.

The goal of cutting the salaries is to prevent double dipping and to close a budget shortfall that involved increasing taxes in the Township last year.

A hearing on the ordinances will take place at Tuesday night’s council meeting.