A rash of car burglaries in Stafford leads to charges against a 19-year-old from neighboring Barnegat. Now, police want to know if he's responsible for any more of them.

Michael Dauphin was arrested and released last Friday and faces arraignment in Ocean County Superior Court in Toms River.

Owners reported losing GPS devices, DVDs, a camera, a laser-sight tripod, Ray-Ban shades and cash, altogether valued at more than $1,000. Authorities say everything's been recovered.

Police say that an alert resident of Hazelton Court called them about multiple overnight car lootings and tipped them about a suspicious-looking car in the neighborhood at the time, giving police the license plate identification. That led them to Dauphin.

Stafford PD Officer John Morrin is asking anyone who might have information related to these or any other car break-ins to reach him: 609-597-8581, extension 8445.