If you think bank employees only sit behind desks all day, what you read next might surprise you.

(L-R) Workers of Manasquan Savings, Coastal Habitat for Humanity, Amboy Bank, Neptune township, Two River Community Bank and New Jersey Bankers Association President/CEO John E. McWeeney, Jr. (Donald Christensen

For the second consecutive year, bank workers at the shore are trading their calculators for hammers to assist Hurricane Sandy-struck victims with the Coastal Habitat for Humanity.

They're still on the clock...but their jobs are completely different for the day's pay.

This year's project kicked off today at Shark River Hill in Neptune.

So far, 22 banks have signed up to offer a helping hand, said John E. McWeeney, President and CEO of the New Jersey Bankers Association. He believes more will want to get involved.

"We said last year when we got the program up that if there was still a need, we would come back this year," said McWeeney.

Last year's recovery effort was centered in Manasquan where 27 banks volunteered staffers and $1,000 donations.

McWeeney says that not all the volunteers are experienced with home construction, but they're still eager to make a difference and get their hands dirty to help with something this significant.

In fact, "they had more people volunteering than they had spots so they're going to try and add some more time," said McWeeney. "It's nice to see."