Taking a look back at the "school lunch" ..... smell the memories :)

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Everyone remembers being in school and glancing up at the clock, the one on the wall not your cell phone lol , and looking foward to that break from class ....going out for recess and of course LUNCH! The cafeteria was always a welcome sight. Time with friends, getting out of class, chocolate milk and lunch. Some do not like cafeteria style eating... then or now, but I must admit I like it. I don't mind when traveling, hitting a "cafeteria" style eatery. They usually have more selection and service isa fast because it's do it yourself :) This blog however is all about the meal...and what was your favorite "school lunch" ?  Was there one meal you remember being your favorite? Did you buy or bag?

Today's school lunch is much different from when I went to school. More choices, healthy alternatives and variety. Meals like buffalo diced chicken, manicotti, chicken teriyaki, fajita's, General Tso chicken, nachos, orange chicken and broccoli and vegetarian entries etc etc with side dishes like tomato wedges, smothered squash, sweet potatoes and coleslaw. So I sat down to think of my "Top 3" school lunches growing up .... Here's my list:

  • Hamburger
  • Fish Sandwich
  • Pizza

Ok pizza and hamburger kinda a no-brainer, but the "fish" sandwich was a different one lol I sill love them! The simple fish pattie on a bun with tar-tar sauce , my personal Mc Donalds fav :) Check out photos of school lunches from around the nation and world.

At home we tried thinking of other favorites growing up

  • Grilled Cheese
  • Beefaroni
  • Cheese Steak

Couple of final notes. One of the funnier school lunches was something my Daughter had in grade school "Sea Wonders" or as we call them "fish sticks" , but love the creative name ... fun for the kids! also on her High School website when I checked the school menu it had "Made To Order Smoothie Bar" ! I miss the cafeteria :(