Sunday was a beautiful day to get out and hit some balls



Well it's no secret that at times I can be a "hazard" out on the golf course lol but I had the urge this past weekend to go out and hit some balls. My Brother and I hit Atlantis in Little Egg Harbor Sunday afternoon.

We only did 9 holes and thank goodness! I can't even imagine doing 18 now lol Maybe do nine holes , go on vacation, then come back and finish back nine lol

Another nice thing was that we did not run into any "Tigers" you know ... the guys who are thinking maybe they'll be on the PGA Tour soon, so they'll let you know what your doing wrong and that your "slowing" them done lol .... Hey we'll let you play through, but spare me the lessons ... I just wanna relax and have some fun. For our Sunday we ran into nothing but polite golfers just enjoying a Sunday .... way it outta be .

Shawn Michaels, Townsquare Media


I must say I am curious as to how I'm going to feel today because by the end of the nine holes,  I was exhausted carrying that bag around ... felt like someone had left a few bricks in the bottom. But it was a good day of exercise and I needed that.  As far as score , hmmmm I forget lol but it was not a total disaster ....Of course after playing we ran into the "Cuisine on the Green"  with the Ocean County Vo-Tech ... enjoyed a cool drink after , but I should've grabbed a burger ! I am glad I went back out after a few years away. I will be out a few more times this Summer ... Looking foward to it !

Shawn Michaels, Townsquare Media