Ocean County is once again partnering with a faith-based organization on Long Beach Island (LBI) to provide low-income residents with a vehicle of their own.

The County Freeholders are authorizing nearly $72-thousand dollars in funding from a federal transportation block grant program to go to the Saint Francis Community Center in Long Beach Township.

Freeholder Director Gerry Little says "Saint Francis itself, they solicit donated vehicles from local car dealers. Some of the vehicles are donated from private individuals and some of them are acquired from other donations from government agencies."

Little says because of that, they anticipate 50 individuals who are eligible to receive funding from the program known as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) receiving cars this year that will also be refurbished and repaired through the program.

Little says funding also assist individuals with the purchase of auto insurance and if necessary even pay for driving lessons.

He adds transportation is an important step to a better life and job opportunities for the recipients.