A Brick Township crime victim whose two cars were incinerated in his driveway last month is offering a reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the suspects.

Township and Ocean County investigators are still pursuing leads in the incident on Maidenstone Drive just before dawn on January 7.

Flickr User Tex Texin

According to Brick Police Sergeant Keith Reinhard, the incident on Maidenstone Drive unfolded about 5:28 AM. Police say the victim reported hearing a loud bang, then looking through a window of the house to see his two cars in flames. Volunteer firefighters quickly doused them and no injuries resulted.

Surveillance video offered by a neighbor, say police, show two people clambering out of a light-colored four-door vehicle, pouring what appears to be an accelerant near the cars, and lighting it.

This is an active investigation and police are asking anyone who can help to reach Detective Greg Mullarkey at 732-262-1120.