May’s Atlantic City casino revenue numbers were disappointing. But the biggest disappointment came from the newest casino, where a lot a hopes have been pinned.

Casino revenues were down 9.5 percent during the month of May. They totaled 263-million dollars. At the new, 2.4-billion-dollar Revel, May revenues totaled 13.9-million dollars that ranked it eighth out of the city’s 12 casinos, only a slight increase from the 13.4-million revel totaled in April.

Revel got off to a slow start in April, during what it called a preview period designed more to test equipment and procedures than to rake in money. In May, it had its four-day grand opening featuring high-profile concerts by Beyonce.

Roger Gros of, “Global Gaming Business” magazine says he’s disappointed in the Revel revenues but he says he is not going to sound the alarm until he sees the June numbers. And Gros says, the June numbers, frankly, have to be at least twice what we are seeing now.”

While Atlantic City’s new marketing campaign focuses on the town’s non-gaming attractions, Gros says the casino floor is still the core of what goes on in A-C. And that core is inextricably tied to Revel.