As we've dealt with a number of "snow events" so far this winter, there's been plenty of grumbling about the conditions of Ocean County's roads during storms. But we can rest assured that we haven't had to deal with the total breakdown of infrastructure that Atlanta has this week.

It would be like the Parkway coming to a complete stop...for two days.

Sure, we've dealt with weather induced traffic headaches this winter - commutes that would normally take a half hour, taking two or three times that. But there have been Georgians who have literally been stuck in the exact same place on the highway since this time yesterday.

As a friend of mine on Facebook described it (with apologies for the pun), it was a "perfect storm" of terrible conditions - poor pre-planning and preparation, literally millions of people trying to get home at the same time, and a population that isn't used to driving under winter weather conditions. All of these factors coming together with ice and snow literally brought one of America's busiest metro areas to a complete standstill.

So I guess the takeaway for us from this situation is this - as much as we may complain when winter weather causes travel headaches for us, it could always be worse.