Asbury Park restauranteur Marilyn Schlossbach is partnering with post-Sandy charity, Table Talk, to help with the storm healing.

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Schlossbach saw the superstorm's wrath up-close and personal, as it destroyed many businesses owned by her and husband.

Table Talk was launched in the wake of Sandy as a way to engage the community by placing handmade tables throughout Asbury Park for public use.

Three of those tables will be on display at Schlossbach's establishment, Langosta Lounge. This past week, people gathered at the restaurant to lay out ideas for the tables with Table Talk artist, Molly Gaston Johnson. The theme for these particular tables will be ocean conservation.

"Art is always a very great tool to work through your problems because it comes from a very positive place," Schlossbach explained.

Once these tables are completed, they will be used for public events and discussions as a way to connect the community, and promote working together to get through the fears and frustrations of the storm.

"That art will be an ongoing place for people to come and continue to talk about what Sandy did or meant to them," she said.

Although the three tables will feature stand-alone images, the final design will create a cohesive image across all three.

Schlossbach is hoping to promote unification and a message of protecting the coast.

"We hope there an ongoing conversation piece because this isn't the first or the last time something like this will happen in our area."

Learn more about the project by visiting the Table Talk website.

More Good News

New Jersey Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies and Attitudes in Reverse

The New Jersey Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies (NJAMHAA) is joining hands with Attitudes in Reverse (AIR) to sponsor an event on National Suicide Prevention Day to promote the resources and services available that can save the lives of young people.

On Sept. 10, NJAMHAA and AIR will present "Back to School: Take a Breath - and Pack a Good Mental Health Tool Kit."  The presentation will be shown at the New Jersey Department of Human Services in Trenton.  According to the latest statistics from the New Jersey Department of Children and Families, 234 New Jersey residents committed suicide between 2009 and 2011.

To learn more about NJAMHAA, visit their website.  To learn more about AIR, visit them online.

American Baptist Church

More than 60 volunteers from the American Baptist Church descended on Wildwood earlier this month to help remove remnants of Superstorm Sandy beneath the city's Boardwalk and along the beach.

Bringing the group to Wildwood was the work of local residents Lisa Brocco-Collia and Jayson Rempo.  Volunteers included representatives from Michigan, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Virginia and Florida.  To learn more, visit this website.