As we look into Labor Day Weekend with a storm moving up the coast, we're not necessarily expecting a major weather event here in the Garden State, but we could still see some dramatic effects, and we want you to show us what's going on where you are.

We've turned the page from a Tropical Storm Watch to a Tropical Storm Warning, and while Hermine is expected to stay off the coast of New Jersey, we'll still probably see a good bit of rain here in Ocean County.

But other major impacts that we're likely to see include dramatic surf (that we're already seeing) and the likelihood of coastal flooding.

This is where you get involved! Just fill out the form below and show us the weather where you are:

Show Us Your Weather

Share your pictures and video of local weather. Please do not put yourself in danger or break any local, state or federal laws to capture photo or video. By completing this form, you are giving this radio station permission to publish your photos or videos.
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